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Camp Grappalachia

Sept 3-6, 2021

Four days of BJJ workshops, open mats and soaking in the Appalachian Asheville vibe. This adult BJJ summer camp is open to all affiliations. Choose to stay on site at our campground for a complete package deal or sign up for a "mats only" ticket. 

Asheville White Belt BJJ Tournament

Date: TBA 2021

The Asheville White Belt Tournament is held twice a year and organized in partnership by Open Source Jiu-Jitsu and Rogue Combat Club. This beginner-friendly tournament has both gi and no-gi divisions and is open to all affiliations and ages.

Grapple for Good: Absolute Open

October 2021 🤞 

Ever wondered what it would look like to grapple in street clothes? Would all your super cool BJJ moves even work? Find out at Grapple for Good!

Grapple for Good is a non-traditional, fun (“not-so-serious”) Jiu-Jitsu tournament to benefit Homeward Bound of Western North Carolina and their programs serving veterans in need. While the tournament itself follows a more traditional rule-set, competitors are encouraged to get creative with their attire and have fun while competing in a friendly manner to help better serve less fortunate members of our community.

BJJ Shrimp Showdown: WNC Kids Cup


The BJJ Shrimp Showdown: WNC Kids Cup is a jiu-jitsu tournament open to youth of all levels and affiliations. There will be gi and no-gi divisions based on age, weight and skill level. Divisions will be determined after all competitors have completed registration.

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